Yelp Orlando Boxi Park event

By Melody Larson

Posted 1/25/20

Black ice cream sundae at Before it Melts
This Boxi Park event was a blast! Yelp Orlando hosted the event at Boxi Park for Yelp Elites. We were given an introduction by Andi then tokens to spend however we pleased at Boxi Park.

All the tacos from Canonita Street Taqueria
Boxi Park is a shipping container entertainment complex in Lake Nona. Boxi Park has a variety of different food/drink options, a dog park, a playground, volleyball court and a stage area. It’s a great place if your friends/family/partner can’t decide what to eat.

Margaritas at La Cajita

There is a free parking garage nearby at Lake Nona Town Center across the street. We had margarita drinks from La Cajita, tacos from Canonita Street Taqueria and ice cream at Before it Melts.

We got the All the Tacos (5 tacos of different kinds) and the vegetarian Crispy Cauliflower Mango tacos. The regular order came with two tacos. The tacos were good but my only con was that they were small snack sized.

My favorite was the Black Out ice cream sundae from Before it Melts. The sundae had black ice cream, toasted marshmallows, dried strawberries and chocolate crunchies.

Outside of Boxi Park
Note: Yelp Orlando and Boxi Park hosted us but my opinions are my own. We were given tokens to spend at Boxi Park.